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We deliver Monday through Saturday from
10am to 6pm.

Orders can be placed for same day delivery or scheduled for a future date and time.

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Lobster Tails (Frozen)

Perfect for two people

Surf And Turf ( 600 g) whole lobster/ 240 g NY Steak
Robalo 200 grams (Snook)
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Turron Fit 80% Cacao Chocolate Bar (100 g)

Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, peanuts, almonds, blueberries and monk fruit.

Lobster Tails (Frozen)

Perfect for two people

Red Spiny Whole Lobster ( from The Galapagos Islands)
Surf And Turf ( 600 g) whole lobster/ 240 g NY Steak
Salmon Portion
Robalo 200 grams (Snook)
Wahoo (Ono) Average Weight 200 Grams
Salmon Large Frozen Fillet

Weight varies between 1.9 - 2.3 Kg

Smoked Salmon (200 grams)
Rainbow Trout Fillet
Smoked Trout (250 grams)
Max: 10
Smoked Trout Whole Fillet (425 grams)
Dorado (Mahi Mahi) Average Weight 250 grams
Corvina Skinless Fillet Average Weight 650 grams
Paiche (150 grams) Amazonian White Fish

similar to Halibut

Organic Shrimp (#31) Cleaned and Deveined 1 lbs.
FreshSushi Quality Salmon From Chile (On Backorder)
Red Tuna (250 grams)
Organic Tilapia (350 grams) 2 fillets
Smoked Tilapia (100 grams)

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Frank’s Cuban Blend Organic Coffee (400 grams)

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Wakame Kaiso Hiyashi Frozen Seaweed salad-100gr
Carpaccio (Octopus) 100 grams
Sea Scallops 1lb.
New York Steak Aged Prime Beef
Picanha Aged Beef (Sirloin Tip)
Rack of Lamb

Perfect for two people

Lamb Chops (4)
Leg of Lamb Approximate Weight – 2 kg
Shoulder Roast Lamb (Bone In)
Ground Lamb 500 grams
Lamb Sausage (10)
Whole Duck

Price per kilogram: $19.75
Each duck has a typical weight between 2 - 2.6 kg

Duck Legs (kilogram)

Price per kilogram: $22
Each duck leg has a typical weight between .8 - 1.1 kg

Duck Breast (kilogram)

Price per kilogram: $46
Each duck breast has a typical weight between .8 - 1.1 kg

Ginger Beer 16 oz.

Contains just a trace of alcohol


The story behind the fish...

Lenny Charnoff and his wife Sharon McIntosh moved from Oregon to Cuenca in 2011. Lenny’s background included being a school teacher in New York, followed by teaching people over the age of 30 how to use a computer to help their business succeed.

Four years ago, while attending a tech conference in Quito, Len met David Finnegan, the co-owner of the Quito-based 22 year-old business Productos Terranova. David was also from New York. Both had lived in Manhattan in the past. For several years, Lenny has been the Cuenca distributor of numerous products. Some of those: sushi-quality salmon, trout, shrimp, paiche, smoked salmon, smoked trout, tilapia, scallops, dorando, corvina, duck and lamb products to restaurants and to the large expat community in Cuenca

What people are saying...

WOW!!!!! we had the surf and turf last night. It was fantastic to say the least. Lobster was super along with the steak tender and juicy. Served with grilled asparagus covered with mushrooms. Well worth the 10 plus years since I enjoyed last time. You really need to try one of the lobsters just as good as the Maine ones.


Lenny, your shrimp are the best in the city, and your salmon, when it's fresh is wonderful. This past week or two I tried your "lamb burgers", and they were wonderful, and yesterday I cooked your lamb sausage for the first time, and I made baked ziti with the sausages. It was delicious.
Thanks for your great food.

Susan Lamy

We’ve been enjoying consistently high-quality seafood, flash-frozen, from Productos Terranova (via Lenny Charnoff). So far, we’ve tried the Carpaccio (thin sliced octopus), Japanese seaweed salad (wakame hiyashi), organic tilapia, paiche (mild white fish, somewhat similar to halibut), salmon (individual fillets and family-size), and smoked trout, and they’ve all been excellent. He also has scallops, langostino (large shrimp), and trout caviar. The small salmon fillets are a stock item in our freezer for those days when you want something quick, easy, and healthy. They only take a few minutes to cook, and you don’t need to thaw them before cooking.

Sandra Materi

I am part of a commercial fishing family and so I became somewhat of a fish snob. There's an abundance of fish off the coast of Ecuador, but getting good product to our tables in Cuenca used to be a challenge. With Lenny and Cuenca Salmon we have some of the best available. I've been ordering from them for the past few years and my latest favorite is the Mahi-Mahi. The texture and flavor is great. The new website ( is so easy to use. Take advantage of all of the healthy products. Omega 3's for you and your families; plus there's a pretty cool rewards program.

Sanford Shapiro

Best seafood in town. Lenny is the greatest. 


Since investigating your site and products before we moved to Cuenca, we are avid fish eaters, and enjoy cooking at home. We especially love salmon and have it at least once a week. Your offering of the large filet is the best in the city, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the freshness, quality, and ease of delivery of the product. Thanks for maintaining your services throughout the lockdown and afterwards, and the best of success for your future endeavors.

Marshall Devall

One of the many benefits of moving to Cuenca almost 2 years ago is the amazingly delicious salmon we get from Cuenca Salmon. It’s truly the best tasting, freshest and most easy to cook with salmon I’ve ever had. And then there’s the shrimp, lamb, mahi mahi, paiche, trout, smoked fish, duck and more. Everything we’ve had from Cuenca Salmon has been pristine and delicious. I will never get fish anywhere else.

Nina Sazer O'Donnell

I have been ordering Cuenca Salmon for many months now. The salmon fillets are my absolute favorite, but I truly love the lamb sausage, tilapia, and smoked salmon as well. They are my absolute number one choice for fish and the most spectacular part is delivery to my home in Capulispamba.

Teresa Parrack

I highly recommend Lenny Charnoff, for fresh fish and seafood products. Lenny specializes in fresh salmon, fresh trout, smoked salmon, smoked trout, paiche, organic shrimp and more. We have tried both his prepackaged portions and the fresh fillets, which is our personal preference. The fillets are good sized and are delicious. Lenny is very accommodating and always responds quickly to inquiries and orders. If you are in the market for delicious and fresh seafood Lenny is the go to guy. You won't be disappointed.

Jerry Ackerman

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