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I have had mixed results with your steaks so far.  I tried a new approach tonight though, that really worked out well.  Tender and tasty.

I got the idea from this video:
Since he was cooking a much larger piece of meat, I used a meat thermometer and backed the steak until it was 120 deg (beef: rare).  I then let it rest for about 1 minute while the cast iron skillet heated (high heat) and I melted the butter. I then seared the steak for 1:45 on each side.
I next removed the steak to a cutting board and let it rest for 9 minutes (which happened to be when the corn was ready).  I sliced it into 3/8” wide slices and served.
Evelyn agreed with me that this is the best steak I have made in Cuenca so far. 🙂