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 Quick healthy Salmon/ veggies meal

Cut garlic, veggies, etc.  before starting.

A little of Julie’s  butter, a lot of minced garlic. Feel free to use olive oil or coconut oil.

Heat pan, toss in butter, then add garlic and turn down pan.

As garlic begins to fill the room with its aroma add Salmon skin down and turn up heat slightly.

Cover slightly with lid. Test Salmon by pricking with knife tip to see if it is still pink. Depending on how done you like it, then add balsamic vinegar and cover until it is done. Drizzle the butter/balsamic vinegar/garlic  over the fish. Serve with steamed cauliflower, zucchini sautéed with onions and mushrooms, or cabbage sautéed with onions, etc.

Dinner in 30 minutes.


Mike Turner